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10 keys to measuring the results of your social networks

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10 Keys to Social Media
10 Keys to Social Media

<figure><img src="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1516321318423-f06f85e504b3?crop=entropy&cs=tinysrgb&fit=max&fm=jpg&ixid=MnwxMTc3M3wwfDF8c2VhcmNofDJ8fGFkdmljZXxlbnwwfHx8fDE2Nzg3OTc5NzI&ixlib=rb-4.0.3&q=80&w=2000"/></figure><h2>We give you 10 tips for evaluating the result of your social networks</h2> <p>Analyzing the result of your social networks is essential to assess the performance of the social media strategy. Without good measurement, you won't be able to know if your actions are contributing to meeting your objectives or if they are achieving what was expected. In this article, we offer you a series of keys to optimize the analysis of your social networks to make decisions that improve your results</p>. <h3>Define your social media objectives</h3> <p>To publicize your brand, get leads, increase traffic to your website, serve the customer, build community... Have you ever wondered what you want to achieve with your actions on social networks? This is not only the first step in designing a good social media strategy, but it is also an essential reflection when monitoring the results of your social networks</p>. <h3>Choose the right indicators</h3> <p>Once the objectives have been defined, it is time to translate them into metrics. The unstoppable advance of social media analytics systems, which are increasingly powerful, sophisticated and accessible, allows us to access a deep understanding of our profiles. But it is important not to fall into overinformation and to select the right indicators based on our objectives. For example, if your strategy is focused on creating community, you will be interested to know in detail the number of interactions; the time when your followers are most active; your favorite content; etc. Simplify</p>, sort and view. <h3>Cross data from different sources</h3>. <p>If choosing the metrics that interest us most is important, so is relating data from different traffic sources. This allows us to go a step further in our analysis and helps us to assess whether the actions we carry out are really successful. Without the use of dashboards capable of correlating data from different sources, we are losing the opportunity to access a global view of</p> the data. <h3>Automate reports</h3> <p>As we add profiles, social networks, metrics, filters, sources of information, etc. the preparation of results reports for your social networks becomes more complex. This translates into more effort and resources. Luckily, Welov has automation tools that will not only save you time, but will also make it easier for you to make decisions, because they will deepen the extraction and processing of data in a way that is difficult to achieve with manual reports</p>. <h3>Get to know the competition</h3> <p>Knowing what your competitors are doing gives you an idea of their network strategy and content plan. This allows you to compare and helps you to anticipate. For example, you can create dashboards where you can view both your social media profiles and those of your competitors by selecting the metrics you want to measure in each of them. So at a glance you can get an idea day by day of where the shots are going.</p> <h3>It also monitors the content</h3>. <p>Without a doubt, the interactions and the number of followers give us an idea of the performance of our strategy. But we would be nothing without the content. For our publications to be the queens of the party, we must study them thoroughly and optimize them to the maximum. Filtering posts by keywords and studying the results of your social networks helps us to know the evolution by topic, tag or campaign</p>. <h3>Visualize trends and patterns</h3> <p>What we don't see is as if it didn't exist. This also happens in networks. That's why it's so important to organize information well, especially when we have almost unlimited data at our fingertips. Accurate analysis of both our networks and those of our competitors, experts, industry organizations, etc. makes it easier to detect trends and identify patterns. What does this bring us? It helps us to quickly see the content that has achieved data peaks; to get ideas of what others are doing; to know the best times and days of publication, among other things</p>. <h3>Review the strategy</h3> <p>Although we take it for granted that you do your homework and review the performance of your social networks every day, or almost every day, it is advisable to stop, examine and adapt. Even if our strategy goes off without a hitch, it's always a good time to stop and reflect on what our strengths are; where our weaknesses are; or what we could improve. The result of your social networks also depends on it.</p> <h3>Analyzing the performance of objectives and the profitability of social networks</h3> <p>It may seem obvious, but in the maelstrom of everyday life there are times that we overlook the obvious. In addition to reviewing your strategy, it is important to evaluate the evolution of each of your objectives. With a powerful tool and a good dashboard, you can view the level of execution at all times and estimate when you will achieve it</p>. Don<h3>'t miss the news</h3>. <p>How do you feel when you realize that you're doing a task by hand that you could have automated months ago? Did a change in advertising policy suddenly catch you? Do you get lost like in the corridors of a supermarket when they renew an interface? We work in an industry that evolves every second, which requires us to be constantly informed. Finding reliable, up-to-date sources and consulting them from time to time is also part of your work. Save on your day and stay up to date thanks to automation and visualization</p>. <p><strong>What did you think of these tips? Do you apply any to your social media analysis</strong></p>?


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