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Verónica Saá

CEO, WEB & SEO Design

“The integration is very easy, you start working very quickly. With Welov in a few minutes we can extract metrics from each customer's channels, saving a lot of time. It allows us to visual dashboards, listen to the audience, add goals and see the trend to make changes and improve results. To compare to previous periods to see growth. Spy on the competition... This tool is fantastic and at a very reasonable price for any advertising agency.”

Jorge Benito

Partner and CEO, ACTIVA

“Welov has been the perfect complement to our market research studies. It has helped us to consolidate insights very effectively and in record time!”



“For me, it's one of the most powerful tools I know. So much so that I'm sure I'm using only 10% of its potential. And of those I know, the one with the best quality-price ratio. The technical and customer service are exceptional. Very quick to answer.”


Senior Social Media Analyst, Media.Monks

“It's a very useful tool that allows a multitude of social networks to be integrated into a single platform, allowing the download of data and the customization of dashboards according to the needs of the reports. Likewise, their support team is always willing to help and implement improvements that have a positive impact on reporting.”

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