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Customer Service Challenges in SaaS

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Customer Service Challenges in SaaS
Customer Service Challenges in SaaS

One of the fundamental pillars of any business is customer service. Because no matter how good your product or service is, if the shopping experience, support or usability aren't up to par... you'll be losing customers in the long term.

An intangible world

When we talk about SaaS, the main challenge is that everything happens in a virtual environment. And although this sometimes has its advantages (if you've worked for the public, you'll know what I'm talking about). If you know, you know), it is important that we work with the objective of minimizing this “distance” and making the customer feel as if we were working alongside them.

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The Welov support team is closer than you think

“Don't worry, you're not alone”

It's not all about putting out fires. Throughout the Customer Journey, our mission as a CS team is to provide support, advice, guidance and instructions to the customer. Depending on how the department is configured, you can do the following:

  • Onboarding: Accompanying the user in their process of adapting to the tool is a must. Whether you provide him with a self-guided tour or if you personally assist him with training, instructions or advice. Good onboarding will help the customer start to familiarize themselves with your tool right from the start, and you can include it in your day-to-day tasks as quickly as possible.
  • It offers formations in the operation of the tool, webinars, or video tutorials to empower the user. Not only at the beginning, but to encourage its advanced use, or to show new features that may be useful to you.
  • Resolve questions or problems that can arise in an agile way through effective support channels: chat, email, help center... If you keep reading, we will expand on this point later 👇🏽😉
  • Keep the customer informed of news and improvements through newsletters or notices within the tool itself.

In short, it prevents the customer from sitting Alone in the face of danger and encourages that, little by little, it becomes self-sufficient.

The Age of Immediacy

We live in a world where almost everything is immediate, and we are increasingly demanding in this regard. As customers, when we have a problem we want a solution, and we want it NOW.

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This reminds me of the sign that was in the copy shop at my school: We do the impossible right away, for miracles... we take a little longer.

Nowadays the fastest one wins, without a doubt. But how can you achieve that immediacy without having an army of Minions working day and night to help your customers?

  • Offers self-service solutions: Have a Help Center that it has tutorials, solutions to frequent errors, and documentation to support the functionality of the tool, will allow your customers to resolve questions or problems without having to contact you directly.
    • Keep track of Most frequent questions, and generates content for the Help Center based on them.
    • Make sure help articles are clear and concise.
    • Include short videos or gifs to provide a clearer view of the steps to follow. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • If you have a Live chat, tries to obtain a first response in the shortest possible time, and if it cannot be immediate (in 10-15 minutes), it automates a message with an approximate response time. This will give the customer peace of mind, knowing that they will be served within a specific time frame.
    • Help yourself with the use of bots that offer possible solutions to simple problems and leave complex ones for flesh-and-blood agents 🤓
  • AI tools: by implementing them in your support system you will get your customers a quick response and that your company operates with higher productivity. They require a previous database from which they can obtain the information, but they offer great advantages such as simultaneous translation.

Technology isn't everything

In a perfect world, the tool should be enough intuitive, agile and easy to use so that the user doesn't feel like a fish out of the water. But to reach this point, it will be essential to take into account the user feedback existing and apply constant improvements based on this.

In other words, we must work first on the user experience, and then on changes or improvements in technology, and not the other way around.

And how can you do this? Listening to your current customers.

  • Realize regular satisfaction surveys (CSAT and NPS). They will help you to know what you need to improve in your tool and, over time, evaluate in what aspects you have achieved it and in which in which you have not.
    • CSAT: Are you satisfied with...?
    • NPS: Would you recommend us to a friend?
  • Request Feedback and provides an open channel for this purpose: through Discord, via social media, or in a suggestion box. Do it how you want, but do it. The opinion of your customers is a determining factor for the future of your company.
  • Evaluate the reasons for Churn. If a customer leaves for reasons beyond their control, there is little you can do. But if he leaves because you haven't met his expectations or needs, you'll have to correct what you failed at to try to keep it from happening again.

In short, if you want your customer support service to achieve excellence, remember these acronyms: ASEM (Accompany, Solve, Listen and Improve).

By ensuring these four pillars, not only will you get loyal and satisfied customers, but you will have in your possession everything you need to make your tool better and more efficient.

Our customers are the best 😊Do you dare to improve your techniques to provide good customer service?

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